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Kiio Inc. Announces New Name
Kiio Inc. kicks off the new year with the announcement of a new name. We are excited to announce that our company, formerly known as Kayo Technology, Inc., is now officially Kiio Inc.
Executive Q&A: Grandin has a grand plan for KayO Technology
If Dave Grandin has his way, recovery from a sports injury or other orthopedic problem will be tracked, through digital records, every step of the way. Grandin is CEO of KayO Technology, which is developing a wireless, hand-held device that he hopes will give the Fitchburg company a handle on the physical and occupational therapy market.
Early Stage Symposium to showcase startups
A showcase for some of the promising, young companies from Wisconsin and beyond, organizers of the two-day annual conference have chosen businesses ranging from cancer treatments to cheese curds to jet skis to get their chance to woo a group of investors from around the Midwest.
WEDC Announces Loans for Coating Tech Slot Dies and Kayo Technology
Coating Tech Slot Dies., Eau Claire, Wis., and Kayo Technology, Madison, Wis., have been approved for Technology Business Development Investment Loans from the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC) to help the companies.
Inside Wisconsin: State health tech companies poised to make most of reform
A major tool being applied to health care’s challenges is wider adoption of health information technologies, which collectively help patients, providers, insurers and medical practitioners as they come to grips with change. That’s an opportunity for many businesses in Wisconsin, from the largest health care providers to the smallest startups.
Pro golfer Andy North among new investors in Kayo Technology Inc.
Two-time U.S. Open winner Andy North is among several new investors in Kayo Technology Inc...
Force gauge may revolutionize physical therapy
Kayo Technology Inc. is out to upend a 100-year-old art. kiio FLEX will replace the long-standing art of "manual muscle testing," which requires a patient to push against the hand of physical therapist, who grades the amount of force being used on a scale of zero to five.
Venture capital up in Wisconsin, bucking national trend
Fighting national trends of venture capital decreasing in 2012, Kayo Technology helps Wisconsin keep venture capital on the rise.
Five Wisconsin companies certified for early stage tax credits
Find out what companies made the cut with the difficult to earn early stage business investment tax credits.
Dave Grandin's interview following the early stage symposium
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