Kiio’s Success: A case study featuring a national retail employer

A National Retail Employer needed to manage their ever-increasing musculoskeletal (MSK) spend and discovered Kiio. With Kiio, employees were taking charge of their pain and finding relief. Kiio led to better pain management as well as improved productivity.

National Retail
Employer Profile

A National retail employer wanted to manage their increasing MSK spend and offered Kiio to employees. With Kiio, employees were taking charge of their MSK pain and finding relief.
Kiio led to better pain management as well as improved productivity. Pleased with Kiio’s positive outcomes, the successful limited geography pilot was expanded nationally to both employees and adult dependents.
Claims-based billing through BCBS-IL eased contracting and budgeting. The case study features results based on the 802 members who signed up for Kiio.

Meet Kiio!

Your go-to digital MSK solution that gets results.
Kiio is clinically proven to significantly reduce pain, opioid use, and medical costs while improving quality of life for members. As the industry’s easiest, most convenient platform, Kiio empowers members to relieve and prevent pain using evidence-based exercise and education programs that are personalized to members’ specific issue.

Unlike other digital MSK solutions, Kiio’s no-fuss approach doesn’t require sensors or scheduling calls so Kiio members can get started feeling better right away–anywhere, anytime with just their mobile device.

Employers and health plans appreciate how Kiio’s scalable, end-to-end solution is easy to implement and cost-effective, with claims analyses demonstrating 3-5x ROI in Year 1.

Kiio reduces pain.

The majority of Kiio participants in this employer population experienced clinically significant pain reduction.* Those completing the program experienced an average pain reduction of 61%.
N = 802

Results based on member-reported improvement in pain from baseline using 0-10 Numeric Pain Rating Scale (NRS).

*Clinical significance defined as 30% or more. (VIII International Forum on Primary Care Research on Low Back Pain; Ostelo R, Deyo R, et al. Interpreting Chance Scores for Pain and Functional Status in Low Back Pain, Towards International Consensus Regarding Minimal Important Change. Spine. Vol. 33, No. 1, 90-94.)

Kiio improves function.

Kiio participants also benefited from significantly improved function, enabling them to perform daily tasks with greater ease and less pain.
N = 802

Results based on member-reported improvement in function from baseline using Patient-Specific Functional Scale (PSFS), where members selected personally-relevant activities and used a scale of 0-10 to compare their ability to complete that activity a level they experienced prior to injury or change in functional status.  
“I don't have chronic pain, but did something and strained my back. An 8 out of 10 on the pain scale. I had to have my son put on my shoes. Walking helped, but every morning started with pain again. A couple of days into my back pain I received an email about Kiio and tried it.
Wow! Within 2-3 days I woke up and no pain. Now I do it a few times a week. And, recommend Kiio to everyone!”

Kiio increases productivity.


report increased productivity at work due to lower back pain


of members report taking fewer days off of work due to pain

Kiio reduces use of pain meds.


of members report taking fewer prescription medications for their back pain, including opioids


report taking fewer OTC medications for their back pain

Members love Kiio!


say Kiio is easy to use


would recommend Kiio to a friend


learn how to better manage their pain
What participants are saying about Kiio
“The exercises are easy to do and they actually help! I wish I knew about this program before I spent a couple thousand dollars on other treatments. I also like that I have access to Kiio for a year so I can keep it up. Thank you!”
“Once I decided to commit to this program, the format has kept me focused. It’s simple and motivates me to keep going. On days where I feel I can't move but have to work a 10- to 12-hour day, I can focus on my body for 8 minutes and feel better right after.”
“It's great to be able to do this program on my own time. I can do it anywhere and when it’s convenient for me. I like that I don't need extra equipment either. The avatar demo makes it easy to do the exercises right. Seeing my progress helped me stay with it.”

The Kiio Advantage.

Immediate Access
No waiting on shipped hardware/sensors or triage calls (55% use Kiio same day as screening).
Convenient & Easy
Available 24/7 – use Kiio anytime anywhere (95% say Kiio is easy to use).
Broadly Applicable
More than 80% screen into the program and the rest get an immediate referral to appropriate care.
Proven Financial Savings
Third-party studies validated medical and Rx savings using claims data – 3-5x ROI in Year 1
Integration with Your Healthcare Ecosystem
Integrates with your health plan for eligibility checks, claims billing, care referrals, and reporting. Qualifies for first dollar coverage under a HSA.
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