Kiio Mobile

Which devices are supported for Kiio Mobile?  

Kiio runs on Apple devices (versions 12.2 or later), as well as Android devices (version 5.0 or later).

Which web browsers does Kiio support?  

Recommended Browser:

  • Google Chrome, latest version

The following browsers are supported:  

  • Google Chrome, latest version
  • Mozilla Firefox, latest version
  • Safari versions 10 and above

Native browsers on supported Android devices

Updating your browser:    

Visit Browse Happy to find the latest version of your browser for download.

How do I install Kiio Mobile on my smartphone or tablet?  

For the Low Back Pain program, your employer, provider, or insurance company will ask you to complete a screening process. If the program is right for you, the screening process will automatically provide links to the Apple and Google app stores. You will also receive a confirmation email from Kiio with the download links.

For physical therapy patients, your provider will send you an email with instructions on how to install the app on your mobile device.

I already have Kiio Mobile on my device. What is my username?

You created your username when you registered. If you have forgotten your username you can recover it by contacting Kiio Support at 1-833-ASK-KIIO.

I forgot my password. What do I do?  

If you forgot your password, click on the ‘Forgot Password?’ link located on Kiio Mobile’s Sign In page. When prompted, enter your email address (Kiio Mobile username), and click the Send Reset Link button. A link will be emailed to help you reset your password. If you experience difficulty, please contact Kiio Customer Support for help.  

Phone: 608.467.4602 or 1-833-ASK-KIIO

What do the options on the Settings screen do?

Keep me signed in

Once you have signed in to Kiio, you will stay signed in even if you restart your device and/or restart the app. This option saves time on personal devices, but Kiio recommends that this option be turned off on shared devices. By default, this setting is on.

Enable Touch ID (Face ID/Fingerprint Unlock/Face Unlock)

Enables the native biometric login capabilities, so you can access Kiio using the native capabilities of your device rather than typing in a password each time. This setting is also available on the login screen for Kiio.

Only transfer on Wi-Fi

Your device will only allow data to be transmitted when connected via Wi-Fi, which ensures that Kiio does not use data from your carrier plan but may also cause a delay in the transfer of routine data to your provider. By default, this setting is off.

Speech Recognition

Activates (or Deactivates) speech recognition, so you are able to control Kiio with voice commands rather than manually selecting options on the screen. Speech Recognition is available for exercise playback (“Hey Kiio”) along with exercise and routine survey responses. NOTE: This feature requires access to the microphone on your device, so Kiio can hear your commands. You must also have your speaker volume at a sufficient level, so you can hear Kiio’s instructions and questions.

Audio Coaching

Determines the level of coaching and instruction provided by Kiio. By default, this is set to “Full”. As you become more familiar with the exercises, you may want to switch this setting to “Limited” to streamline performances. There is also an “Off” option that eliminates audio coaching.

Preview Time in Seconds

Allows you to control the length of the exercise preview, which demonstrates each exercise before it is performed. By default, this is set to 10 seconds, but you can extend the preview time if desired.