Convenient, immediately available digital MSK pain management that's proven to deliver outstanding member outcomes and lower costs.


Members love Kiio for MSK pain management and prevention.

Kiio is all about making it simple for your members to access proven first-line MSK pain management as soon as they need it.  

Members love Kiio’s ease-of-use. Kiio provides your members with MSK pain relief anytime, anywhere with only their phone or tablet. No waiting on special equipment. No scheduling triage calls. No unnecessary, difficult-to-maneuver motion tracking. Just 24/7 access to fast, effective relief. That’s why 9 out of 10 members recommend Kiio to a colleague or friend.  

Members love how simple it is to get started with Kiio. 55% start the day they screen. Members also love how quickly they see results. 65% feel relief within the first week.  

Members love Kiio’s convenience. Guided, 7-minute, personalized therapeutic exercise sessions available on-demand 24/7 make it easy for members to find time on their time to do Kiio. Interactive virtual coaching, education, and progress updates keep employees motivated and engaged.  

Members love Kiio’s flexibility. With Kiio, members can effectively control a first-time acute episode, manage chronic pain, or prevent future MSK issues. Members love that Kiio gives them choices—like the length of their exercise session and if/when they want unlimited 1:1 human coaching.

We are the trusted partner of top companies, labor unions, and health plans like you who care deeply to help their employees/members feel relief from back, neck, knee, and hip pain. Kiio was founded with a mission to transform musculoskeletal (MSK) care. And we have!
reduction in pain
reduction in medical spend
reduction in opioid utilization
reduction in ER/Urgent Care visits
We are humbly proud of these results – and personally driven by Kiio's impact on individual members and clients. We are the only digital MSK solution with multiple longitudinal claims-based studies in real client populations validating clinically significant reduction in pain, improvement in function, and effective savings. We are dedicated to delivering measurable value to our members and clients.
Each year, 1 in every 2 people experience MSK pain, creating significant physical and emotional burden. MSK issues cost more than cancer, diabetes, or heart disease and represent one-sixth of all spending in the US health care market. Self-funded employers experience 1.5x times the burden due to lost productivity, missed workdays, disability costs, and workers’ comp costs.
Empowering Members

Kudos for Kiio

“Kiio is a dream to work with.”
- Amy Burton Manager, Commercial Product Strategy Tufts Health Plan


Improving members mental well-being

Pain and depression are strongly linked. Kiio’s pain neuroscience education—a specialized form of cognitive behavioral therapy that helps members understand and reframe how they think about their pain—enhances members’ mental well-being.

“We wanted to do more to serve our members and expand their options for virtual care. Kiio was able to help our members reduce their pain and improve their function along with their mental well-being at a time when mental health symptoms are increasing.”

Jamie Heberer
Director, Case Management and Health Promotion, Children’s Community Health Plan

Need More?

Kiio understands that health plans have unique needs.

“Kiio’s easily accessible solution is customized to each member’s individual needs. Our members like the flexibility and that they’re in the driver’s seat. Our team likes Kiio’s evidence-based approach and how Kiio integrates clinical practice guidelines with technology to tailor therapeutic exercise, monitor improvement, provide coaching, and report on progress.”    
– Lisa Harlow, MS, CES, Director of Member Health Services, WEA Trust Insurance

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