Kiio’s Impact on Together with CCHP:
A Marketplace Population

CCHP partnered with Kiio to offer its Marketplace members a convenient option to reduce and prevent MSK pain and reduce MSK costs

Together with CCHP Profile

14,000+ members
MSK pain
Together with CCHP is a health plan from Children’s Community Health Plan that has offered affordable health insurance to individuals and families for more than 10 years. Together covers over 14,000 lives in southeast Wisconsin.

“CCHP chose Kiio because Kiio’s digital therapeutic treatment is evidence-based, has proven clinical and cost outcomes, and is very easy to use. We wanted to provide our members with a program that would meet them where they are, be available anytime and anywhere, and offer immediate access especially given the need for social distancing and reduced access to facility-based care during COVID-19.”

- Jim Slawson, MD Chief Medical Officer at CCHP

Impact – Satisfaction


said Kiio is easy to use


learned how to better manage their pain


would recommend to a friend with pain

Impact – Pain Reduction

Average Reduction in Pain from Baseline
% Enrollees Who Experienced Reduced Pain
*N= 513, Kiio for Low Backs
Clinical significance defined as 30% or more.  (VIII International Forum on Primary Care Research on Low Back Pain; Ostelo R, Deyo R, et al. Interpreting Chance Scores for Pain and Functional Status in Low Back Pain, Towards International Consensus Regarding Minimal Important Change. Spine. Vol. 33, No. 1, 90-94.)
Results based on member-reported data. Pain reduction measured by change from baseline using 0-10 Numeric Pain Rating Scale(NRS).

Impact – Functional Improvement

Using Kiio, many members returned to doing activities at the level prior to experiencing their MSK issue.

Average Improvement in Function from Baseline

% Enrollees with Improved Function

N= 513, Kiio for Low Backs·      
Results based on member-reported data. Results based on member-reported improvement in function from baseline using a 0-10  Patient-Specific Functional Scale (PSFS), where members select a personally-relevant activity and rate their ability to complete that activity.

Impact – Mental Well-Being

Despite an increase in mental health symptoms since the start of COVID-19, Kiio has been shown to stabilize or improve mental well-being for most of its Marketplace members.
*Self-reported member data collected in-app. N = 513; Kiio for Low Backs
“Kiio was able to help our members reduce their pain and improve their function along with their mental well-being at a time when mental health symptoms are increasing. We wanted to do more to serve our members and expand their options for virtual care.”
- Jamie Heberer, Director Case Management and Health Promotion at CCHP

Impact – Engagement, Productivity and Rx Use

Marketplace members quickly engaged with Kiio and saw sustained increase in productivity and decrease in medication use.


meaningfully engaged within 24 hours of screening into Kiio


report a reduction in time off work due to pain


have taken less prescription medication since starting Kiio

Member Experience

Kiio members reported being highly satisfied. They remarked that Kiio helped them to feel better quickly and keep their pain away. They valued Kiio’s ease of use, 24/7 access to care, convenience, guided structure, and that the program does not require special equipment or appointments.
“…it was easy to follow and I could complete it at home. I also liked that there was a shorter option and a longer option for daily exercises.”
“...the encouraging text messages to follow the program at a pace that suits me.”
“…the illustration videos make it easy to see how exercise is done.”
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